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Rule 21. State operating licenses; licensees; operations; general.

(1) A state operating license and a stacked license as described in Rule 22 are limited to the scope of the state operating license issued for that type of marihuana facility that is located within the municipal boundaries connected with the license.

(2) In order to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of the operation of marihuana facilities, a licensee shall comply with all of the following:

(a) Marihuana facilities shall be partitioned from any other marihuana facility, activity, business, or dwelling.

(b) Access to the marihuana facility is restricted to the licensee, employees of the licensee, and registered qualifying patients and registered primary caregivers with valid registry cards, if applicable, and the department, through its investigators, agents, auditors, or the state police. A separate waiting area may be created for visitors not authorized to enter the marihuana facility. The licensee shall maintain a log tracking all visitors to a marihuana facility. The visitor log must be available at all times for inspection by the department, through its investigators, agents, auditors, or the state police to determine compliance with the act and these rules.

(c) Licensee records must be maintained and made available to the department upon request.

(d) The marihuana facility must be at a fixed location. Mobile marihuana facilities and drive through operations are prohibited. Any sales or transfers of marihuana product by internet or mail order, consignment, or at wholesale are prohibited.

(e) A state operating license issued under the act must be framed under a transparent material and prominently displayed in the marihuana facility.

(f) Any other operational measures requested by the department that are not inconsistent with the act and these rules.

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