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Rule 6. Application requirements; complete application.

(1) A complete application for a state operating license must include all the information in Rule 5 and all the following:

(a) A description of the type of marihuana facility, anticipated or actual number of employees, projected or actual gross receipts, a business plan, proposed marihuana facility location, and security plan as required under the act and these rules.

(b) A copy of the proposed marihuana facility plan under Rule 8.

(c) An applicant shall pass the pre-licensure inspection as provided in Rule 9.

(d) An applicant shall submit confirmation of compliance with the municipal ordinance as required in section 205 of the act and these rules. For purposes of these rules, confirmation of compliance must be on an attestation form prepared by the department that contains all of the following information:

(i) Written affirmation that the municipality has adopted an ordinance under section 205 of the act, including, if applicable, the disclosure of any limitations on the number of each type of marihuana facility.

(ii) Description of any zoning regulations that apply to the proposed marihuana facility within the municipality.

(iii) The signature of the clerk of the municipality or his or her designee attesting that the information stated in the document is correct.

(e) The disclosure of the true party of interest as required in section 404 of the act and these rules.

(f) The disclosure of the beneficial interest as required in section 303(1)(g) of the act.

(g) Additional information and documents requested by the department not inconsistent with the act and these rules.

(h) Any other documents, disclosures, or attestations created or requested by the department that are not inconsistent with the act and these rules.

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