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Rule 8. Marihuana facility plan.

(1) To ensure the safety, security, and integrity of marihuana facility operations, an applicant shall submit a marihuana facility plan for the proposed marihuana facility as required in Rule 6 and thereafter upon request by the department. Upon the request of the department an applicant or licensee may be required to submit a revised marihuana facility plan.

(2) The marihuana facility plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) The type of proposed marihuana facility, location, description of the municipality, and any of the following if applicable:

(i) Operation at the same location under Rule 24.

(ii) Proof of common ownership interest under Rule 24.

(iii) Stacked license under Rule 22.

(iv) Temporary operation under Rule 19.

(b) Diagram of the marihuana facility including, but not limited to, its size and dimensions; specifications; physical address; location of common entryways, doorways, or passageways; means of public entry or exit; limited-access areas within the marihuana facility; and indication of the distinct areas or structures at a same location as provided for in Rule 24.

(c) Floor plan and layout, including dimensions, maximum storage capabilities, number of rooms, dividing structures, fire walls, and entrances and exits.

(d) Means of egress, including, but not limited to, delivery and transfer points.

(e) Construction details for structures and fire-rated construction for required walls.

(f) Building structure information, including but not limited to, new, pre-existing, free-standing, or fixed. Building type information, including but not limited to, commercial, warehouse, industrial, retail, converted property, house, building, mercantile building, pole barn, greenhouse, laboratory, or center.

(g) Zoning classification and zoning information.

(h) If the proposed marihuana facility is in a location that contains multiple tenants and any applicable occupancy restrictions.

(i) A proposed security plan that demonstrates the proposed marihuana facility must meet the security requirements under Rule 27.

(j) Any other information required by the department as long as it is not inconsistent with the act and these rules.

(3) Any changes or modifications to the marihuana facility plan under this rule must be reported to the department and may require preapproval by the department.

(4) The department may provide a copy of the marihuana facility plan to the state fire official, local fire department, and local law enforcement for use in pre-incident review and planning.

(5) The department may reinspect the marihuana facility to verify the plan at any time and may require that the plan is resubmitted upon renewal.

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