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Social Equity All-Star Program Recognition Criteria

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) spotlights the social equity efforts made by its licensees with a three-tier recognition program. Each tier signifies particular efforts made by adult-use licensees. Through this recognition program, the CRA encourages effective and innovative efforts that inspire others to engage in this important work

Recognition Tier Criteria:

Social Equity Broonze


In order to qualify for the bronze level of the All-Star Program, licensees must publish their social equity plan on the CRA website. 

Licensees’ social equity plans should consider the following when developing and implementing their social equity plans – determine if the municipality where the licensee plans to operate has enacted any requirements related to social equity, use the social equity plan to complement the licensee’s business strategic goals and objectives, and lastly, identify the primary component(s) of the social equity plan – employment, educational or mentorship programs, monetary assistance, or training.

An advisory bulletin detailing guidance regarding social equity plans can be found on the CRA’s website here
All-Star Bronze Qualifiers
Social Equity Silver


In order to qualify for the silver level of the All-Star Program, licensees must meet the bronze level requirements and also publish their corporate spend plan on the CRA website. 

Licensees’ corporate spend plans should include a dedicated percentage of the business’ annual spending to diverse supplier(s). Licensees can find a list of certified diverse suppliers by utilizing the list of external resources here

There are many ways in which licensees can spend money with diverse suppliers within the cannabis supply chain, including, but not limited to, legal, accounting, real estate, architect, interior designer, security, insurance, marketing, packaging, and printing. Payroll is not considered to be part of a corporate spend plan.
All-Star Silver Qualifiers
Social Equity Gold


In order to qualify for the gold level of the All-Star Program, licensees must meet the silver level requirements and publish their community reinvestment plan on the CRA website.

Licensees’ community reinvestment plans should detail the licensee’s volunteer time or donation percentages of their revenue to organizations, non-profits, and/or charities which positively impact any of the groups in these identified categories: 

Category one: Organizations within communities the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) has identified as disproportionately impacted. A list of those communities can be found here

Category two: Individuals or groups in any of the following categories: Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Women, Veterans, Native American tribes, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, and returning citizens

All-Star Gold Qualifiers

All-Star Program Promotion

Various promotions will be released to the public throughout the year, highlighting those licensees who meet the criteria for each tier; in addition, public recognition will occur on the CRA website.

Social Equity All-Star Program Forms & Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

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