Local Council Resource Library

The Michigan Children's Trust Fund (CTF) is pleased to announce the creation of an online Local Council Resource Library. What makes this library site special and unique is that it is the direct result of the collective and collaborative efforts of the CTF Local Councils working together to produce materials that they believe will strengthen their councils (and certainly others who wish to use the materials) in a variety of ways. Visitors to this new library will find a plethora of information about volunteer and board recruitment. Additional subject matter resource information is forthcoming. With the publication of these new materials the venue has been created to enable the CTF Local Councils (and other entities) to pursue common standards of practice. CTF is proud and appreciative of the work produced by the local councils. We hope that you find the library informative, useful and inspirational. Note: If you have any issue reading the documentation contact CTF at 517-373-4320.

  • Board Development Resources
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Volunteer Development Resources