Child Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit


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Toolkit Summary - What Can You Find Here (PDF)

CAP Month Toolkit Cover (Word)

CAP Month Toolkit Contents (Word)

Letter from CTF Executive Director (Word)

CAP Month Campaign Planning Guides and Resources (PDF)

The Power of One (Word)

Pinwheels for Prevention - April Statewide Events (Word)

Community or Faith Based Campaign (Word)

Helpful Hints for Making CAP Month a Success (Word)

Building Relationships with Policy Makers - Page 1 (Word)

Building Relationships with Policy Makers - Page 2 (Word)

Promotional Materials (posters, brochures, announcements, etc.) (PDF)

Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation - 2020 (PDF)

CAP Month Poster (PDF)

CTF Brochure (PDF)

Product Order Form (Word)

Volunteer Solicitation Letter - Sample (Word)

Certificate of Appreciation (PDF)

Media Resources (PDF)

Facebook and Twitter CAP Month Messaging (Word)

CAP Month Memes (Word)

Pinwheels Spinning Meme (MP4)

Prevention Messaging for CAP Month (Word)

Partners in Prevention - National & State (Word)

Trending Topics in Prevention (research and action) (PDF)

State and National CAN Statistics 2020 (Word)

CPS Comprehensive Report, 2019 (PDF)

Accessing Local Child Abuse Statistics via Kids Count (Word)

The Protective Factors (Word)

ACES and The Protective Factors (PDF)

Safe Sleep (Word)

Opioid Crisis/Substance Abuse Disorders and Primary Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Work (Word)


Fundraising Ideas, Suggestions and Resources (PDF)

Fundraising Ideas During CAP Month (Word)

Fundraiser Pinup 2 Per Page (Word)

Fundraiser Pinup 4 Per Page (Word)

Pinwheel Sales Flyer (Word)

Engaging Others to Sell Pinwheels Letter Sample (Word)

Commitment Form for Selling Pinwheels Sample (Word)

Donation Letter Sample (Word)

Donation Thank You Note Sample (Word)

Programming Activities (PDF)

Suggested Calendar of Family Activities - April 2020 (Word)

Calendar of Family Activities (Writable PDF)