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Family Futures 
Prevention Area Served: Kent County
Grant Tier: 3 ($23,712)
Website: Family Futures
Social Media: Facebook PageTwitter PagePinterest Page 
678 Front Ave. NW Ste. #210
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-5300
Phone: 616-454-4673

Coordinator:  Rachel Johnson


Project: Our Connections service provides age-appropriate surveys (Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)) to track a child's development from 0-5 with specific feedback and connection to a parent coach if a delay is identified or to discuss concerns. Connections makes sure parents have just-in-time information about what to expect from their children, knowledge about how to handle stress and access to community resources.


Happenings: Connections is working to expand. With our expansion comes an attempt to connect with a larger network of support surrounding a parent, hence we are working with pediatricians/family physicians and child care providers to share ASQ results. Raising a child is truly a collaborative effort, and those who have a stake in a child's well-being should all be on the same page. As Connections expands, all parties will know exactly how that child is growing and what they can do, together, to encourage the child's healthy development.

Direct Service Grants 

Arbor Circle 
Prevention Area Served: Kent County
Grant Number: CTFDS 16-41001
Grant Period: FY16-FY19
Website: Arbor Circle 
Social Media: Arbor Circle Facebook Page
1115 Ball Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505-5904
Phone: 616-456-7775x1215

Coordinator: Kristin Gietzen

Project: The Kent County Healthy Start Program, based on Healthy Families America model, is used as an evidence-based home visitation program that asssess for high-risk, bi-cultural, Spanish speaking, first time parents residing in Kent County. Healthy Start families are assessed for: parental history of child abuse, current substance abuse issues, poverty, mental health concerns, unemployment and other risk factors, which compounds "normal" stress. The program's goals are to promote child well-being, optimal development, and health and safety.

Children's Assessment Center
Prevention Area Served: Kent County
Grant Number: CTFDS 17-41001
Grant Period: FY17-FY20
Website: Children's Assessment Center

901 Michigan St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-1295
Phone: 616-336-4265

Program Director: Tanya Muehlbauer

Project: The essential elements of the KIDZ Have Rights program are to provide secondary prevention education services in Kent County for students, teachers, and caregivers, grades kindergarten through 4th. Currently, the KHR program educates K-3rd grade students, teachers, and caregivers. The expansion to 4th grade students in 14 target school districts would be made possible through the funding provided by the Children's Trust Fund. The KHR program is comprised of a classroom presentation and educational materials developed for students, school staff, and caregivers.