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License Plate

Q: Where can I purchase the Children's License Plate? CTM Website License Plate

A: At any Michigan Secretary of State's Office. You can also use the order form available on the Michigan Secretary of State's Website. If you are purchasing a new car, your dealer can handle the transaction for you.

Q: Can I get my plate the same day I purchase it?

A: No. You can order the plate for $35. The Secretary of State's office will mail the plate to your home.

Q: How much does a Children's License Plate cost? How much goes to CTM?

A: The Children's License Plate sells for $35. $25 goes to CTM to help fight child abuse and neglect. You can order a personalized plate by paying an additional $35. This is above the $35 cost of the plate. Once you have a plate, each year there is an additional $10 fee which goes to ongoing support of the work of the Children Trust Michigan.

Q: My birthday isn't until December, can I buy a plate in April?

A: Yes, you can order a plate at any time. The cost is $35. Your registration fees which are due on your birthday are a separate fee.

Q: What does CTM do with the money from the proceeds of the sale of the plates go to?

A: CTM uses the proceeds to provide funding to its local councils to help prevent child abuse and neglect. They also fund direct service programs that provide programs like teen parenting, grandparents programming, respite care and other prevention services. CTM also provides awareness and outreach through programs like Never Shake A Baby. 

Order your Children's License Plate