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Child Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit


Table of Contents - PDFWord

CTF Director Letter - PDFWord

CAP Month Resource Materials

CAP Month April Statewide Events - PDFWord

CAP Month Calendar of Activities - PDFWord

CAP Month Community or Faith-based Campaign - PDFWord

CAP Month April Statewide Initiative - PDFWord

Helpful Hints for Making CAP Month a Success - PDFWord

Michigan's Children Legislative Education - PDFWord

Suggested Calendar of Family Activities - PDFWord

Media Messaging Resources

CAP Month Social Media Content - PDFWord

National & State Prevention Partners - PDFWord

Prevention Talking Points - PDFWord

Social Media Guide - PDFWord

Topics in Prevention

ACEs and the Protective Factors - PDF

FY22 CPS Comprehensive Report - PDF

My Body Safety Poster - PDF

Protective Factors - PDFWord

Resources on Body Safety for Kids - PDFWord

Safe Sleep - PDFWord

State & National CAN Statistics - PDFWord

Talk to Kids Personal Body Safety - PDF

Fundraising Ideas, Suggestions, and Resources

CAP Month Fundraiser Pin-Up - PDFWord

Donation Letter Sample - PDFWord

Fundraising Ideas for CAP Month - PDFWord

Thank You Note Sample - PDFWord


Virtual Teams/Zoom Pinwheel Background

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Day Poster

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Day Facebook Cover Photo