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County Information 

Contact Children's Protective Services in Alcona County
U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts for Alcona County 

CTF Designated Local Council 

Child Abuse Neglect Prevention Alcona County (CANPAC)/Northeast Michigan Community Partnership, Inc. 
Prevention Area Served: Alcona County
Grant Tier: 1 ($5,000)

Northeast Michigan Community Partnership, Inc.

1600 W. Chisolm St., Suite C
Alpena, MI 49707-1298
Phone: 989-370-0239

Coordinator: Tamara Quick

Direct Service Grant 

Child & Family Services of Northeast Michigan
Prevention Area Served: Alcona County
Grant Number: CTFDS 17-01001
Grant Period: FY17-FY20

Website: Child & Family Services of Northeast Michigan
Social Media: Facebook Page for Child & Family Services of Northeast Michigan
1044 US23 North
Alpena, MI 49707-1250
Phone: 989-356-4657

Program Director: Stephanie Dettloff

Project: Day One Alcona County addresses the problems of Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations for abuse/neglect, CPS removal of children for abuse/neglect, access to prenatal care, infant mortality, early intervention of health care needs of children and Safe Sleep training. In the past 2 and a half years, children in the Day One program have had early interventions through nurse assessments of autism, hearing issues, vision issues, motility/motor skills issues, developmental disabilities and more. The other challenges that need to be addressed are unemployment, under-employment, lack of family support, lack of parenting skills, substandard housing and the distances to support services inherent in rural areas. Another issue that is being addressed through an evidenced based training called Near Home, which guides home visitors to discuss the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), trauma and toxic stress on parents' ability to effectively parent their children.