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County Information 

Contact Children's Protective Services in Manistee County
U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts for Manistee County 

CTF Designated Local Council 

Manistee County Child Advocacy Center
Prevention Area Served: Manistee County
Grant Tier: 2 ($10,000) 

2840 Orchard Highway
Manistee, MI 49660-9752
Phone: 231-398-2022

Coordinator: Traci Smith


Direct Service Grant

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Prevention Area Served: Manistee County
Grant Number: CTFDS 17-51001
Grant Period: FY17-FY20
Website: Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

2608 Government Center Drive
Manistee, MI 49660-8302
Phone: 231-398-6736

Coordinator: Jason Cross

Project: The LRBOI Child and Family Development Center (CFDC) services are center-based; however, there is also a strong home visitation component utilizing the Parents as Teachers model. The CFDC will make possible a single location where all families of Manistee County can go to locate community resources as well as participate in services that directly impact their health and well-being. The center will utilize a multi-generational approach which will include activities that will benefit from the knowledge of the older residents of the community. Proposed services for the center include; wrap-around child-care, preschool, drop in care, Great Start Readiness Program, Early Head Start, Head Start, College for Kids, home visiting, parenting classes, and parenting support groups. The complete program classes will utilize the Highscope curriculum. The center will also make available general office space to be used by local child welfare organizations to allow for family support and parent assessment. The Manistee Intermediate School District has shown an interest in moving some of their early intervention services to the center as well. The ISD will be using space in the center to hold community play groups and house office space for some of their staff. The center has also been designed to be utilized by institutions of higher learning as a way to give students an opportunity to work with children undere the supervision of licensed professionals. At this time Ferris State University, Baker College, and West Shore Community College have committed to sending students to the center for educational purposes. The preliminary work on this project has been supported by Tribal funding for the services of an architectural firm familiar with similar projects. An early childhood education consultant has also been contracted using funding from a sub-grant called Honoring Our Children to the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.