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County Information 

Contact Children's Protective Services in Muskegon County
U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts for Muskegon County 

CTF Designated Local Council 

Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County
Prevention Area Served: Muskegon County
Grant Tier: 3  ($20,000) 
Website: Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County 
1781 Peck Street
Muskegon, MI 49441-2532
Phone: 231-728-6410

Coordinator: Sabryna Benmark


Direct Service Grants

Arbor Circle
Prevention Area Served: Muskegon County
Grant Period: FY20-FY23
Website: Arbor Circle
1060 W. Norton Shores
Muskegon, MI 49441
Phone: 231-777-2222

Contact: Leigh Moerdyke

Project: Arbor Circle is applying for funds to provide a broad spectrum of parenting services and to create a system where parent education is embedded in the community through local, informal leadership. Our goal is to engage and equp local, informal leaders who have the capacity to integrate parenting knowledge into their communities through providing seminars and parent education in less formal settings. Providing parent education this way is meant to change the cultural of parents accessing parent education and increase participation in more formal parent education classes. In Muskegon County, there is a perception that parent education and support is primarily for parents who are involved in the child welfare or justice system in some way; that parent education is for parents who have been labeled "those bad parents". However, what research indicates and what the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework demonstrates is to build thriving families, all parents need support and education. The Strengthening Families Protective Factors Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development explain parents need knowledge about the growth and development of their child at the time the child is going through the state. Too early, and the knowledge won't be able to be used. Too late, and ttere's a missed opportunity. In Muskegon County, there is a network of local, informal influencers who are involved at grassroots level in making their community a thriving one. This network is often unknown to formal service providers, but is an important resource for community members. Given the United Way defined ALICE rate in Muskegon County, these local leaders need to be supported in providing resources and information to the parents they connect with. This support needs to be provided both with evidence-based knowledge, but also with financial resources to support their time. The use of these local leaders is supported by the Center for Community Based Child Abuse Prevention National Research Organization FRIENDS NRC, whose research supports the use of parent leadership in parent education and support.