It Should Be About Equality

This wheel represents the various elements of teen dating relationships based on equality. You'll notice how very different this wheel is from the Teen Power and Control Wheel. Instead of being about getting power and control over a dating partner, a relationship based on equality involves traits like fairness, communication, respect, trust, support and honesty. Check it out!

Here is an easily printable version of the Equality Wheel.

Teen Relationship Equality Wheel Shared Responsibility. Mutually agreeing on fair distribution of work. Making desisions together. Sharing parenting responsibilities when there are children. Communication. Communicating openly and truthfully. Being honest to oneself and to one's own feelings. Negotiation and Fairness. Seeking mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict. Accepting change. Being willing to compromise. Non-Threatening Behavior. Talking and acting to make your partner feel safe to express him/herself. Commitment not to use threats or manipulative actions. Respect. Listening non-judgementally. Being emotionally affirming and understanding. Valuing opinions. Trust and Support. Supporting each other's goals. respecting each other's rights and individual feelings, friends, activities and opinions. Overcoming jealousy issues of envy. Independence and Autonomy. Recognizing interdependence. Awareness of dependence needs. Accepting individual separateness. Fostering individual identity. Honesty and Accountability. Accepting responsibility for self. Acknowledging if there has been past use of violence.

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