What is MEECS?

Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support

What is MEECS?
The Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) contains seven (7) Michigan-specific units which provide an opportunity for students in grades 3-9 to learn about  Michigan's economy and environment through outstanding, inquiry oriented, data-based lessons in science and social studies. The units have been field tested by 120 teachers in over 200 Michigan classrooms. The units can be used individually, adopted into a school's multi-year science curricula, or combined to form the basis for an integrated science course.

Complete Description

MEECS Units Content Descriptions

All seven MEECS Units feature engaging, hands-on lessons that encourage student participation and inquiry. Units are designed to increase appreciation and understanding of Michigan's environment and its role in Michigan's economy. MEECS is aligned with science and social studies content standards and MEAP assessment.  The MEECS documents have been aligned to meet requirements set forth by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as of July 18, 2013.  The NGSS have yet to be fully adopted by the State of Michigan; however, the alignments are able to provide insights to what the lessons are capable of providing in the classroom.


  1. Land and Environment - Grade 3
    Explore how land is used in Michigan and how human activities can have an impact.  Students will investigate the relationships between land usage, energy resources, and the economy.
  2. Land Use - Grades 4-6
    Students learn how to analyze issues regarding land use and understand human impact on the environment.
  3. Ecosystems and Biodiversity - Grades 4-6
    This unit provides students with a better understanding of ecosystems by examining how organisms interact within their environment.  A second set of materials explores concepts related to biodiversity.
  4. Water Quality - Grades 6-8
    Discover the essential role that water plays in Michigan's economy and in everyone's lives.  Students calculate how much water they use, investigate the link between land uses and water quality, and find out how water is monitored and standards are set.
  5. Energy Resources - Grades 7-9
    Investigate a broad array of topics such as electricity generation, renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, energy conservation, and sustainability.
  6. Air Quality - Grades 6-9
    Explore the health effects of air pollutants and examine current Michigan air quality issues.  Lessons utilize hands-on activities to provide students with a broad understanding of air quality.
  7. Climate Change - Grades 6-9
    Learn about climate and weather, the energy balance, the carbon cycle, and the Greenhouse effect.  Students will observe change in the earth's cycles and climate.

Classroom Kits - Each Unit Includes:



  • Binder of lesson plans for each unit
  • CD-ROM with electronic version of units, extension lessons, supplemental resources and materials, PowerPoints, videos, and more!
  • Background information for teachers
  • Hands-on activities and experiments
  • Pre- & Post-tests and MEAP-like Unit Assessments
  • Colorful posters and worksheets
  • Activities and lessons supporting outdoor learning



For any MEECS related questions please contact:

Thomas Occhipinti
Environmental Education Coordinator
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Phone: 517-284-6867
Fax: 517-241-7401

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Individuals and organizations can contribute to MEECS. What a great way to support environmental education in Michigan and give back to your community!  Check out the link below to learn how you can help.

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