DEQ Policy and Procedures

  • The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) produces two types of policy and procedure documents: Department and Division/Office. The policy and procedures provide direction to staff on how the department or division/office manages it programs and activities. All external and those internal policy and procedures that would be beneficial to the public are provided below. If you have any comments or questions about the policy and procedures, please contact the appropriate program or individual identified below.

    DEQ Active Policy and Procedures

DEQ Rescinded Policies & Procedures

  • One of the 77 recommendations of the Environmental Advisory Rules Committee requires the DEQ to review all of their policy and procedures. This ongoing review is identifying policies, guidance documents, operational memorandums, etc., that need to be rescinded because they are either obsolete or addressed by another policy and procedure. Below are the policies that have been rescinded as a result of the department's regulatory reinvention efforts.