Waterfront Redevelopment Grants

Purpose:  Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI) Waterfront Redevelopment Grants provided funding to local units of government to revitalize waterfront properties.  The program was established to increase public access to the waterfront and support economic development in areas where historic industrial and manufacturing activities left behind vacant buildings and potentially contaminated waterfront property.  Grants have also been awarded to assist in the restoration of historic structures open to the public, such as lighthouses and weather stations.


Goals of the Program:  The objective of the Waterfront Redevelopment Grant program was to revitalize waterfronts, create new jobs and stimulate private investment, increase property values, and provide waterfront access for the public.


Criteria:  Proposed projects must be included in a locally approved waterfront redevelopment plan.  The plan must include a description of how the project would significantly contribute to the local economy and community redevelopment or the revitalization of adjacent neighborhoods, and how the project would provide for increased public access to the waterfront or provide recreational opportunities for the public. 


Dollar Amount(s) Available (Minimum or Maximum):  Grant awards were contingent upon availability of funds and the terms and conditions of the Clean Michigan Initiative.


Eligibility:  Any local unit of government, including a county, city, village, township, or an agency of a county, city, village, or township, or an authority or other public body created by or pursuant to state law was eligible.  The applicant was required to submit a locally approved waterfront redevelopment plan along with an application for a project identified in the plan.  Grants could not be used for land or facilities that would be owned or operated by a gaming facility, a stadium or arena used by a professional sports team, or a private or municipal marina.  Eligible activities included: 

  • Environmental response activities on waterfront property consistent with a waterfront redevelopment plan.
  • Demolition of buildings and other facilities along a waterfront that are not consistent with a waterfront redevelopment plan.
  • Acquisition of waterfront property or the assembly of waterfront property consistent with a waterfront redevelopment plan.
  • Public infrastructure and facility improvements to waterfront property consistent with a waterfront redevelopment plan.


Application Process:  Applications are no longer being accepted.  The funding for this grant program has been exhausted. 


Filing Fees:  None.


Nominating Procedures:

The DEQ Director and the Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation made joint decisions to award grants.


Deadlines:  Applications are no longer being accepted.  


Required Match:  A minimum local government match of 25 percent of the project cost was required. The local match could be from other public or private sources, including non-state of Michigan grants, local general fund, or private donations. In-kind donations of services were not accepted as match, but donations of property and materials were acceptable.


Source(s) of Funds:  Clean Michigan Initiative Bond Fund.


Authority:  Part 795, Waterfront Revitalization and Part 196 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.


Responsible Division/Office Contact:  Remediation and Redevelopment Division, Brownfield Redevelopment Program, 517-284-5113.


Phase-out/Expansion/Changes for Next Fiscal Year:  There is currently no plan for future grant applications or funding.


Related Grants:  The Brownfield Redevelopment Program includes CMI Brownfield Redevelopment and Reclamation Grants and Loans, Revitalization Revolving Loans, Site Assessment Fund Grants, and Tax Increment Financing pursuant to the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, 1996 PA 381, as amended.



Request for Proposals:  Applications are no longer being accepted.