Volunteer Stream Monitoring Grants

Purpose: To provide funding to local units of government and non-profit entities for volunteer water quality monitoring of Michigan's wadeable streams and rivers.

Goals: To monitor the benthic invertebrate community and habitat of Michigan's wadeable streams and rivers.


  • Clarity and reasonableness of project description, goals and objectives.
  • Plan for data use and education of the community.
  • Watershed coverage/sampling design.
  • Quality and past performance of the organization.
  • Anticipated volunteer quantity and quality of recruitment and methods to retain volunteers.
  • Location of proposed sampling, the watershed priority, and links to other programs and projects.
  • Useful partnerships that are verified by letters of commitment.
  • Plans to continue the project beyond the grant period.
  • Proposed cost is reasonable for project scope, including a minimum of 25% matching funds.
  • Useful data generated for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Eligibility: Local units of government and nonprofit entities are eligible to receive grant funding. Nonprofit entities are those exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eligible entities generally include county, city, township, and village agencies; watershed and environmental action councils; universities; regional planning agencies; and incorporated nonprofit organizations.

Application Process: A request for proposals (RFP) is announced with a deadline for application.  Eligible applicants can contact Dr. Paul Steen of the Huron River Watershed Council, psteen@hrwc.org, phone 734-769-5123 x601 for grant application assistance. 

Nominating Procedure: Grant applications are selected for funding by the DEQ Water Resources Division based on priority and eligibility criteria in the grant application package.

Deadlines: Deadlines will be included in request for proposals

Timelines: In general, applicants will have at 30-45 days to respond.  In general, applicants can expect to receive notification within 90 days of the application submittal deadline.

Dollar Amounts Available: Up to $50,000 is annually available for macroinvertebrate start-up grants, macroinvertebrate full grants, stream flow monitoring grants, and road/stream crossing grants.

Required Match: These grants require a minimum 25% match. 

Source(s) of Funds: Clean Michigan Initiative Clean Water Fund.

Authority: Executive Order #2003-15.

Responsible Division/Office Contact: Water Resources Division, Surface Water Assessment Section, Marcy Knoll Wilmes, 517-342-4348. 

Phase-out/Expansion/Changes for Next Fiscal Year: None.

Related Grants: None.

Recent Awards/Example Project: Past grants awarded:  Macroinvertebrate Full Grant, Macroinvertebrate Start-Up Grant, and Road/Stream Crossing Grants

Request for Proposals (RFP): Additional information regarding stream monitoring grants can be found at the MiCorps Web site.