Water and Wastewater Asset Management Seminar Series

Water and Wastewater Asset Management Photos of SeminarThis seminar was designed to provide relevant and timely information to water utilities. City and elected officials, utility and DPW directors/managers/superintendents, certified operators and consultants had an opportunity to hear about DEQ updates and be provided with options and implementation strategies for asset management.


The complex management of water, wastewater and collection systems has a direct impact on a community's public health and safety, environment, economic development and quality of life. Asset management is a tool to help utilities prioritize and classify the assets associated with the management and operation of a water system.  What does this mean to your community? More efficient management of public utilities, lower replacement costs, and an overall healthier community.  Additionally, the DEQ is now including an asset management program requirement in reissued major municipal WWTP NPDES permits that expire on October 1, 2012, and thereafter. This seminar provided information pertaining to these new requirements.

Presentations from the Water and Wastewater Asset Management Seminar:

Developing and Asset Management Plan -- Bob Schneider, DEQ

Using GIS Tools to Track and Prioritize Your Assets -- Brian Vilmont

Revolving Loan Programs Available to Municipalities for Drinking Water and Wastewater -- Cheri Meyer, DEQ

Water Efficiency and Conservation Program -- David Maynard, DEQ

DEQ Update - Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance, Drinking Water 

DEQ Update - Water Resources Division, Wastewater