Do I need DEQ approval?

DEQ approval of your evaluation and the actions you have taken to comply with Section 20107a and 21304c obligations is not required. However, you must conduct the evaluation, maintain documentation of the actions taken, and provide documentation to the DEQ upon request. You can voluntarily ask the DEQ to review your Documentation of Due Care Compliance.

Due Care Documentation:

A current owner or operator may request DEQ review of their documentation of due care compliance, by submitting it with a Documentation of Due Care Submittal Form. Documentation should include the exposure pathway evaluation; actions already implemented to comply with their obligations and documentation that demonstrates they are in compliance, or a conclusion that no actions were needed because no unacceptable exposures are present based on the present use of the property.

Questions can be directed to the DEQ District Office that serves the county where the property is located. (district map) Or you may contact Jeanne Schlaufman, RRD, Due Care Specialist, at 586-753-3823 or