Flint East Boulevard Former Manufactured Gas Plant Information

  • Aerial Photo of the Consumers Energy Plant on the Flint River courtesy of Kettering University ArchivesThe Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is providing this Web site concerning Consumers Energy’s environmental cleanup activities at the Flint East Boulevard Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP).  The environmental cleanup activities are scheduled to begin in June 2017 and will take place in and along the Flint River starting near 5th Avenue and progressing downstream to the Hamilton Dam. The environmental cleanup activities are necessary to address contamination left behind after MGP operations ended in the 1920s.  This Web site serves to inform the public of what to expect from the DEQ during the environmental cleanup and river restoration activities.

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  • To reach a DEQ representative concerning the Consumers Energy river cleanup and restoration project, please contact the Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278.