Ford Livonia Transmission Plant

  • Background

    While renovating the Livonia Transmission Plant (Plant), Ford Motor Company reported the discovery of chlorinated compounds in the groundwater to the DEQ. Ford Motor Company investigated the contamination and determined one of these compounds, vinyl chloride, had migrated east of the Plant in groundwater into the adjacent residential neighborhood. Ford Motor Company installed monitoring wells and soil gas wells around the Plant and in the residential neighborhood in an effort to assess groundwater and soil gas conditions. In July of 2017 Ford Motor Company entered into a Consent Decree with the DEQ. The Consent Decree requires Ford Motor Company to conduct investigations and remedial actions under a schedule while the DEQ conducts formal regulatory oversight.

    Groundwater in the area is shallow and the DEQ required Ford Motor Company to install additional monitor wells screened at the top of the groundwater table to assess the potential  risk to homes in the area for vapor intrusion. Some of these shallow wells have been installed and some are currently being installed. Results from some of these wells have identified a groundwater plume of vinyl chloride above site-specific volatilization to indoor air criteria. The DEQ is requiring Ford Motor Company to install mitigation systems to address the residences within this groundwater plume on an expedited schedule.

    Additional investigation and sampling of monitor wells will continue throughout 2019.

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