Oil and Gas Advisory Committee

Contact: Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals 517-284-6823
Agency: Environmental Quality

The Oil and Gas Advisory Committee advises the DEQ on matters of regional or statewide significance relating to oil and gas exploration and production.  The Committee provides input on policy, rules, orders, instructions, technical reviews, and hearings.  The Committee is comprised of members from the oil and gas industry and the public, with background or expertise in oil and natural gas and related environmental and resource issues.  The Committee meets four times per year.   Please contact the Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division at 517-284-6823 for meeting dates. 

Oil and Gas Advisory Committee
Committee Members

Revised April 2017

Craig Tester
Rock Oil Company, LLC
Traverse City

Daniel B. Yohe
Yohe Enterprises Inc.

Dan Eichinger
Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Richard Redmond, Jr.
DTE Energy
Traverse City

Robert Long
Summit Petroleum Corporation
Mt. Pleasant

James Stark
Timmus, LLC
Mt. Pleasant

William C. Myler, Jr.
Muskegon Development Co.
Mt. Pleasant

William Harrison, Ph.D. 
Michigan Geological Repository 
for Research & Education

Western Michigan University

Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division Staff  

Harold R. Fitch, Division Director,
  and Assistant Supervisor of Wells

Rick Henderson, Supervisor
Field Operations Section 

Susan Maul, Hearings Officer
Permitting & Technical Services Section 

Mark Snow, Supervisor
Permits and Bonding Unit 

Adam W. Wygant, Supervisor
Permitting & Technical Services Section 

Deana M. Lawrence, Executive Secretary 
 to Assistant Supervisor of Wells

Mike Sweat, Supervisor
Petroleum & Mining Geology Unit