Water Resources Division Enforcement

From time to time, WRD staff are obligated to escalate enforcement actions to assure compliance with state law and permits. The Enforcement Unit within the Field Operations Section handles cases referred by district office staff and management:

Documents resolving referred cases, along with DACOs entered by district offices, are provided by fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). Administrative Consent Orders (ACO), Settlement Agreements, or similarly named documents reflect voluntary agreements entered without the need for a civil lawsuit. Consent Judgments and Decrees are also settlement documents, but reflect cases resolved after a lawsuit has been filed and identify the presiding Court and docket number. Finally, those cases that are not settled may result in court orders, which are also provided on this page, if the order is the final disposition of a case.

Additional information may be available through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Questions may be directed to Dave Pingel, at 517-284-5503 or PingelD@michigan.gov.  Please be advised that most enforcement actions are initially investigated by staff in the DEQ’s district offices.  A listing of district offices is available here.

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

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