Director's Water Well Advisory Committee

Agency: Environmental Quality

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) administers a statewide Water Well Construction Regulation Program that proactively protects ground water aquifers supplying drinking water for approximately half of Michigan's citizens.  Authority to administer the program comes from Part 127 of the Public Health Code, Act 368 of 1978, Water Supply and Sewer Systems, and Administrative Rules, more commonly known as the "Michigan Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Code."  

The success of the Water Well Construction Regulation Program is greatly enhanced when effective communication with the well drilling industry is maintained and when well drilling contractor experience and expertise is brought to bear upon current issues.  The Director's Water Well Advisory Committee is established to serve the department in an advisory capacity, on current issues involving the water well industry including topics such as the state water strategy, water well construction, statute and rule development, and implementation of well construction regulations.

A group of water well industry representatives and allied stakeholders has been assembled.  These individuals meet periodically to advise the department on current topics.  If you have a topic that you would like addressed at an upcoming Director's Water Well Advisory Committee meeting, please submit them in writing to Mr. James (Matt) Gamble at the DEQ (

Members of the Director's Water Well Advisory Committee

Committee Members Meeting Minutes
John Schmitt (S) November 2, 2015
Robert Webb II (NE) January 29, 2016
James Welser (SE) May 2, 2016
Chad Brewer (NW) October 13, 2016
Steven Buer (SW) January 26, 2017
William (Buddy) Sebastian (MGWA) June 1, 2017
Erik Kleiman (UP) October 19, 2017
Daniel Milan (Suppliers) January 4, 2018
Thomas Fountain (Local Health Departments) June 14, 2018, DRAFT Meeting Minutes for Approval by Committee
James (Matt) Gamble (DEQ)  
Laura Doud (MDARD)  


If you have questions concerning any of the business of the committee, please contact the representative that is from your area, or contact the DEQ representative, Mr. James (Matt) Gamble, at 517-897-1508.