Downloadable Application

Contact: Please contact the appropriate District Office where the project is located.

Note: The DEQ's Water Resources Division has transitioned to MiWaters, our new web-based permitting and compliance database.  As of 8/17/15, you can enter basic information (applicant and agent, project location and description) in MiWaters and attach a scanned copy of the regular JPA paper form along with any other attachments associated with the application.  You will be be able to pay application fees online using MiWaters.

Permit Application Payment Options

Modifying the language and/or instructions on the provided application form could result in rejection of the application, forfeiture of the fee, and possible legal action. 

When preparing a Joint Permit Application that is required to be public noticed, the names and mailing addresses for all adjacent property owners impacted by the project must be included.  See JPA Public Noticing for instructions.

For sample drawings, go to Application Appendices. We advise you to refer to, or print out, the Application Appendices for Sample drawings, also located on the main menu, Refer to the application for a listing of sample drawings associated with your project. The location maps, plot plan, and cross-sections, along with the fee (fee schedule), are required to be included with your application. 

EZ Guides and an Instruction Sheet are also available to assist in application preparation.  

Applications and payment should be sent directly to the appropriate District Office where the project is located.  Applications that cross district boundaries should be sent to to the district containing the primary work effort.

Applications and payment for Dams regulated under Part 315 or from public agencies eligible to receive federal and/or state transportation funding for a project involving public roadways, non-motorized paths, airports, or related facilities should be mailed to DEQ, WRD, PO Box 30458, Lansing, MI 48909-7958.