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Submitting Wetlands, Lakes and Streams Applications in MiWaters (recorded 5/3/16, 91 minutes)

  • This webinar demonstrates how to locate and submit a variety of forms related to wetlands, lakes, and streams permits and programs. In particular, it shows how to: create an account; find forms; submit an application or request; include required and optional attachments; pay the applicable fee; check the status of your application after it has been submitted; edit the GIS site details of your site; and other relevant functions in MiWaters. This webinar will be of interest to individuals that will need to apply for a permit related to activities covered under the MDEQ/USACE "Joint Permit Application" (JPA). The JPA package covers permit requirements pursuant to state and federal rules and regulations for construction activities where the land meets the water including wetlands, often referred to as the land/water interface. The application covers activities on or for: Wetlands, Floodplains, Marinas, Dams, Inland Lakes and Streams, Great Lakes Bottom Lands, Critical Dunes, and High Risk Erosion Areas.
  • Download the Submitting Wetlands, Lakes and Streams Applications in MiWaters Webinar slides

Groundwater Discharge Program in MiWaters (recorded 4/15/16, 63 minutes)

  • This webinar will focus on how to submit a groundwater discharge permit application in MiWaters. We will also review some specifics of entering and submitting monitoring data once a permit has been issued. This webinar should be of interest to any facility required to have a groundwater discharge permit, their certified operators, and consultants.

Introduction to MiWaters for Facilities Covered Under a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (recorded 11/18/15, 80 minutes)

Introduction to MiWaters for Facilities Covered Under the Cycle Year 1 Watersheds Industrial Storm Water General Permit (recorded 9/21/15, 58 min)

Introduction to MiWaters for Aquatic Nuisance Control Permitting (recorded 9/17/15, 61 min)

Introduction to MiWaters for Facilities Covered Under a DEQ Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Permit (recorded 8/21/15, 91 min)


These tutorial videos have been produced to provide a demonstration of some of the MiWaters functionality.  However, MiWaters is a dynamic system that continues to evolve as we make improvements.  If you have questions, please use the Help function of MiWaters and, if that doesn’t answer your question adequately, the Contact button on the MiWaters screens can be used to determine the best DEQ staff to whom you can direct your question.

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