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2013 Michigan Green Chemistry
  and Engineering Conference
   Designing a sustainable Michigan

October 23-24, 2013
Eberhard Center, Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

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Panel: Green Chemistry’s Place in the Sustainability Movement - MaryEllen Mika, Steelcase; Deborah Steketee, Aquinas College; Robert Maleczka, Jr., Michigan State University (MSU); Terry Collins, Carnegie Mellon; Moderator: Clinton Boyd, Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse (MGCC)

Morning Breakout Sessions

I. Regulatory and voluntary drivers for green chemistry

California's Safter Consumer Product Regulations - AnnMarie Sanford, Pepper Hamilton LLP and Pam Spencer, The Dow Chemical Company
Sustainability and the building industry: the certification standard approach - Amber Dzikowicz and Mahya G.S. Wood, NSF International


II. Educating green chemists from K-12 to higher education

The Need for Toxicology in Chemistry Education: the making of a green chemist - Dalila Kovacs, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and Clinton Boyd, MGCC
Michigan higher education: from self-evaluation to Green Chemistry Commitment - Kristina Mack, GVSU

The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Student Network: creating a green chemistry community for students beyond the classroom - Lin Katz Chary, Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network

III. Applications in manufacturing 

Sustainable manufacturing of polyurethane: InfiGreen Polyol for seat topper pads  - Gerald Winslow, InfiChem Polymers

Green innovation and sustainability practices for the automotive industry: progress report - John Bradburn, General Motors

High functionality soy-based sustainable polyols for high solid coatings - Vijay Mannari and Chintankumar Patel, Eastern Michigan University


Afternoon Breakout Sessions

I. Making the case for green chemistry

Using chemicals policy to drive green chemistry: children’s car seats case study - Jeff Gearhart, Ecology Center

Polybrominated diphenyethers: from your couch to your dinner table in three easy steps - Richard Rediske, GVSU catalysis
Great Lakes, great times: using hydrogen from water to fuel Michigan's future - Benjamin M. Klepser, University of Michigan (UofM)

Discovery and development of catalytic deborylations - Robert Maleczka, Jr., MSU

III. Business tools and guides

BizNGO Guide for Safer Chemicals - Eric Harrington, Green Advantage Consultants

Green chemistry checklist: a guide for businesses - Tracey Easthope, Ecology Center and Rich Helling, The Dow Chemical Company

I. Green chemistry for the oil and gas industry

Greener chemistry to reduce the impacts of drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and production - Brian Ellis, UofM

II. Roundtable discussions

Green chemistry in higher education and the Green Chemistry Commitment - facilitated by Dalila Kovacs, GVSU

III. Roundtable discussions

The bioeconomy in Michigan and the future of bio-based chemicals and materials - facilitated by Ramani Narayan, MSU

Industry Implementation - facilitated by Gabe Wing, Herman Miller


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