Michigan Environmental Leaders


Michigan Environmental Leaders is part of a continuous effort to improve environmental performance, encourage voluntary compliance, and build working relationships with stakeholders through the DEQ’s existing pollution prevention framework.  The effort consists of three distinct areas of participation depending upon one’s current level of knowledge and resource availability: the Michigan Environmental Network, Michigan’s Pollution Prevention (P2) Partners, and Michigan Environmental Leaders.

As a P2 Partner you will continue to grow and meet requirements that include strong environmental stewardship (including a functional Environmental Management System), partnering within your local community, and sharing your knowledge with others (i.e. mentoring), while working toward the title “Environmental Leader”.

  • The principles that set Leaders apart from our other stewardship partners are the impacts of their mentoring efforts, which come in many forms such as (but not limited to):
    • Providing assistance/guidance through the supply chain or customer base.
    • College internships with designated company mentors.
    • Interactions with local high schools (i.e. math/science students interacting with environmental professionals).
    • Recruitment efforts to bring more partners into the overall network of programs.
  • Another critical component of being an Environmental Leader is having a strong compliance history with a proven track record of success.
  • Environmental Leaders are recognized annually based on their previous calendar year’s performance.  We challenge our partners to provide specific information on projects that show continuous improvement and innovative thinking.
  • Following the application and recognition process each year, an Environmental Leaders Report will be developed, promoting the successes and sharing the stories of all who apply.

As part of a pilot program, 20 facilities from around Michigan recently participated and were recognized.  You can read about their story in the Environmental Leaders Report 2014.

To apply for Environmental Leader recognition please complete the following form in its entirety.  It is strongly encouraged that you supplement the reporting form with pictures, news stories, publications, and any other documentation that helps “tell the story”.  The deadline to apply is April 1, 2016.

Environmental Stewardship Partners Annual Performance Reporting Form

Annual performance reporting form includes; mentoring discussion, environmental performance data, EMS status/audit, and community outreach/employee activities.

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