DIFS Orders Flint-Area Individual to Stop Unlicensed Insurance Sales

March 31, 2014
Media Contact: Caleb Buhs at 517-373-2380
Consumer Hotline: 877-999-6442

LANSING -- The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) issued an order today requiring Joe Shaw and the business Second Hand World 2 of Flint to cease and desist from the sale of insurance in the state.

DIFS began an investigation on Shaw after receiving information from the Secretary of State (SOS) about a fraudulent insurance certificate being used to renew license plate tabs at an SOS branch office.  DIFS discovered at least one instance of Mr. Shaw presenting himself as being lawfully able to sell insurance in Michigan.  Neither Second Hand World 2 nor Shaw had obtained the proper license to sell or solicit insurance in the state, as required by the Michigan Insurance Code.

In addition to selling without a license, DIFS also determined that Shaw had provided at least one customer with a fraudulent certificate of insurance after accepting money for the policy’s premium. 

Consumers who have purchased insurance from Shaw should contact their insurance company to verify that they have valid insurance coverage. Consumers who wish to file a complaint can contact DIFS toll-free at 877-999-6442. 

All insurance producers (agents) and agencies in Michigan are required to be licensed to sell insurance and all insurance companies must be authorized to write in Michigan.  Consumers are advised to check to see if an insurance agent, agency, and insurance company are properly licensed to do business in Michigan by visiting: http://www.michigan.gov/difs/0,5269,7-303-13251_13262---,00.html.

A copy of the full Order to Cease and Desist can be viewed at, http://www.michigan.gov/documents/difs/Joe_Shaw__14-11985_452048_7.pdf.