DIFS Bulletins 2001-2005

  • Letter Regarding Bulletin 2005-15-BT PDF icon

    2006 Letter Continuing Supervisory and Trust Fees

  • Bulletin No. 2005-19-CF

    License Application Timeline and Process Under the Deferred Presentment Service Transactions Act

  • Bulletin No. 2005-18-INS

    Health Maintenance Organizations Inability to Participate Directly in County Health Plans

  • Bulletin No. 2005-17-INS

    Superseded by Bulletin No. 2006-10-INS

  • Bulletin No. 2005-16-INS

    Net lease and purchase agreements and eligible person standards for home insurance under MCL 500.2103

  • Bulletin 2005-15-BT

    Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2004-02-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2007-06-BT)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-14-CU

    Permissible Investments for Deferred Compensation Plans (superseded by Bulletin 2007-05-CU)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-13-CU

    Trustees and Custodians of Tax Deferred Plans (supersedes Bulletin No. 86-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-12-CU

    CUSOs Providing Services to Other Than Credit Union Customers (supersedes Bulletin No. 88-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-11-CU

    Third Party Membership Services (supersedes Bulletin No. 84-2)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-10-CU

    Reimbursement of Officials' Travel and Other Expenses (supersedes Bulletin No. 91-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-09-CU

    Allowance and Reserve Accounts (supersedes Bulletin No. 91-2, superseded by Bulletin 2014-14-CU)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-08-CU

    Lending Policy and Procedures

  • Bulletin No. 2005-07-CU

    Director Duties and Directorship Policy Development (supersedes Bulletin No. 98-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-06-CU

    Information Security Program

  • Bulletin No. 2005-05-CU

    Liquidity Policy (supersedes Bulletin No. 79-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-04-CU

    Investment Policy (supersedes Bulletin No. 97-1)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-03-CU

    Annual Review of Polices and Operations

  • Bulletin No. 2005-02-CU

    Annual Comprehensive Audit (supersedes Bulletin No. 84-4)

  • Bulletin No. 2005-01-INS

    Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Coverage of Outpatient Mental Health Services Subject to the Mental Health Payment Reduction

  • Bulletin No. 2004-06-INS

    Effective Date Contained in Rule Set 2004-022 LG (Withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)

  • Bulletin No. 2004-05-CF

    Mortgage Lenders use of Escrow Companies to perform mortgage closing and disbursement of proceeds

  • Bulletin No. 2004-04-INS

    Maximum work loss benefit payable (superseded by Bulletin 2005-17-INS)

  • Bulletin No. 2004-03-INS

    In the matter of Proof of Prior Auto Insurance

  • Bulletin 2004-02-BT PDF icon

    Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2003-03-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2005-15-BT)

  • Bulletin 2004-01-OFIS

    Sale of debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension agreements by depository institutions (superseded by Bulletin 2008-08-BT)

  • Bulletin No. 2003-09-CF

    Net Branching, Employee status, and Licensing under the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Servicers Licensing Act, the Secondary Mortgage Loan Act, and the Consumer Financial Services Act

  • Bulletin No. 2003-07-INS

    Specific Breed of Dog Exclusions (superseded by Bulletin 2019-13-INS)

  • Bulletin No. 2003-06-INS

    Maximum work loss benefit payable (superseded by Bulletin 2004-04-INS)

  • Bulletin No. 2003-05-CF

    Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions (supersedes Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions)

  • Bulletin 2003-03-BT

    Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2002-04-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2004-02-BT)

  • Bulletin No. 2003-04-INS

    Uniform Prescription Drug Cards

  • Bulletin No. 2003-02-INS

    In the Matter of Insurance Credit Scoring Practices - Update to Bulletin 2003-01-INS (withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)

  • Bulletin No. 2003-01-INS

    In the Matter of Conforming Insurance Credit Scoring Practices With Insurance Code Requirements (Withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)

  • Bulletin No. 2002-08-INSIn the matter of voluntarily expedited filing procedures for compliance with the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (withdrawn 12/6/12)
  • Bulletin No. 2002-06-INS

    Medicaid Annuities

  • Bulletin No. 2002-05-INS

    Maximum Work Loss Benefit Payable (superseded by Bulletin 2003-06-INS)

  • Bulletin 2002-04-BT

    Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (superseded by Bulletin 2003-03-BT)

  • Bulletin No. 2002-03-INS

    Guideline for the regulation of Title Insurers and Title Insurance Agency Escrow Accounts

  • Bulletin No. 2002-01-INS

    USA Patriot Act of 2001

  • Bulletin No. 2001-01-CU

    Waiver of Section 17(1) of the Michigan Credit Union Act (rescinded)

  • Bulletin No. 2001-11-INS

    Coordinating Health Coverage With No-Fault Automobile Insurance

  • Bulletin No. 2001-09-INS

    Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures

  • Bulletin No. 2001-08-INS

    Maximum Work Loss Benefit Payable (Superseded by Bulletin 2002-05-INS)

  • Bulletin No. 2001-07-INS

    Title Insurance Agent Obligations and Agency Requirements

  • Bulletin No. 2001-05-INS

    Guidelines for the regulation of Alternative Financing and Delivery Systems (AFDS) (superseded by Bulletin 2016-22-INS)

  • Bulletin No. 2001-03-INS

    Ambulance Service Benefits

  • Bulletin No. 2001-02-INS

    Adoption of the NAIC's Practices and Procedures Manual Effective January 1, 2001 (Codification) (Rescinded 02/18/14)

  • Bulletin No. 2001-06-OFIS

    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the sale of insurance by lenders

  • Bulletin No. 2001-10-OFIS

    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the sale of insurance by depository institutions governed by that Act