Consumer Finance and Mortgage Bulletins

  • Bulletin 2018-18-CF PDF icon

    Creditor Obligations Under the Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act

  • Bulletin 2018-01-CF PDF icon

    CPI-Adjusted Regulatory Loan Act Loan Processing Fee (supersedes Bulletin 2016-04-CF)

  • Bulletin 2017-02-CF PDF icon

    Documentary Preparation Fee Adjustment Under the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act (supersedes Bulletin 2015-01-CF)

  • Bulletin 2016-04-CF

    CPI-Adjusted Regulatory Loan Act Loan Processing Fee (supersedes Bulletin 2014-01-CF; superseded by Bulletin 2018-01-CF)

  • Bulletin 2016-05-CF PDF icon

    CPI-Adjusted Repayment Plan Fee: Deferred Presentment Service Transactions (supersedes Bulletin Bulletin 2011-07-CF)

  • Bulletin 2016-06-CF PDF icon

    CPI-Adjusted returned check charge: Deferred Presentment Service Transactions (supersedes Bulletin 2011-04-CF)

  • Bulletin 2015-16-CF PDF iconCounselor Certification Program
  • Bulletin 2015-01-CF

    Documentary Preparation Fee Adjustment under the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act (supersedes Bulletin 2013-01-CF; superseded by Bulletin 2017-02-CF)

  • Bulletin 2013-08-CF PDF iconSpot Delivery (supersedes Bulletin 2012-20-CF)
  • Bulletin 2010-18-CF PDF iconMortgage Loan Originator Licensing Act
  • Bulletin 2010-17-CF PDF iconMortgage Loan Originator Company Surety Bond
  • Bulletin 2010-13-CF PDF iconLicensure and Registration of Mortgage Loan Modification Providers
  • Bulletin 2009-08-CF PDF iconAccelerated Payment Providers
  • Bulletin 2008-15-OFIR PDF iconChange to HUD's Counseling Hotline Telephone Number Required by the Consumer Mortgage Protection Act.
  • Bulletin 2008-14-CF PDF icon

    Check Presentment and Transaction Closing Procedures for Deferred Presentment Service Transactions

  • Bulletin 2007-10-CF PDF iconApplicability of Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act to cash sale or non-installment sales transactions.
  • Bulletin 2007-02-CF PDF icon

    Interpretive Informational Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

  • Bulletin 2006-06-CF PDF icon

    Credit Services Organizations, Regulatory Loan Act and Consumer Financial Services Act Licensees and Short-Term (Payday) Loans

  • Bulletin No. 2005-19-CF

    License Application Timeline and Process Under the Deferred Presentment Service Transactions Act

  • Bulletin No. 2004-05-CF

    Mortgage Lenders use of Escrow Companies to perform mortgage closing and disbursement of proceeds

  • Bulletin No. 2003-09-CF

    Net Branching, Employee status, and Licensing under the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Servicers Licensing Act, the Secondary Mortgage Loan Act, and the Consumer Financial Services Act

  • Bulletin No. 2003-05-CF

    Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions (supersedes Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions)

  • Motor Vehicle Bulletin 1999-01 PDF icon

    Disclosure of Negative Equity on an Installment Sales Contract

  • Consumer Finance Bulletin 1992-01 PDF icon

    Mortgage Loan Advertising

  • Mortgage Bulletin 1998-02 PDF icon

    Rights of First Refusal to Provide Additional Financing