Does shopping for better rates work?

Absolutely! Insurance companies in Michigan are competing against each other to provide the lowest possible rates, broadest coverage, and best possible service. Competition works best, however, when drivers take the time to shop for the rates and coverage that are best for them. Some of the reasons shopping works:

  • There are many companies offering a wide variety of rates in every area of the state. Sometimes the best rates and best service may come from a company you are not familiar with today.
  • If you are eligible for coverage under law, every company must insure you.
  • The economics of insurance are like the economics of any other product or service. Companies offering more expensive coverage lose customers due to the cost. The companies must either lower their rates or be satisfied with fewer customers. Consumer choice can bring pressure on companies to lower their rates.
  • Shopping for insurance is not as hard as it seems. Your Guide to Automobile Insurance For Michigan Consumers provides the information you need to become a knowledgeable shopper. Shopping for insurance may not be exciting, but it will probably save you money.
  • In almost every instance, every company must cover your auto, wherever it is. There are a few instances where you may be deemed "ineligible" that will be described later. However, for the most part, whether you live in Ionia, Inkster, or Iron Mountain, every company writing auto insurance has a rate for you and must provide coverage. You may contact any company or agent selling insurance in Michigan and ask for a quote; you don't have to live in the area in which the agent is located to get a policy from a company he or she represents.