How do I find insurance companies, agencies, or agents?

This web site can help you in contacting companies and agents. Although some insurance companies do not use local agents, you can call the companies directly to ask for a quote. In nearly all circumstances, an insurance company cannot deny you coverage based on where you live or whether they have an agent in your area.

Use our Insurance Entity Search Page to search for any or all companies that are licensed to sell insurance in Michigan. Scroll down the insurance entity page screen and either request a list of all property and casualty insurance companies (this list will include companies that sell home insurance as well as other types of property and casualty insurance) or request information for a specific company. Once you have made your selection, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen, and you will receive information about the company (or companies) that you requested.

You can also find insurance agents or agencies in your area by searching information we have on our web site. You can search for a particular agent or agency by name, or you can search for all agents or agencies in your area by city or zip code. The search results will provide you with contact information for the agent/agency and will provide you with the names of the insurance companies that the agent/agency is eligible to place business with.

Your local Yellow Pages might also be a good place to start shopping for companies, agents, or agencies . Some companies, such as State Farm or AAA, have agents who represent only that company. Looking in the Yellow Pages under Insurance will tell you if there's a local agent for these companies. Other insurance agents are considered "independent" insurance agents, meaning they represent more than one company. These agents will advertise in the Yellow Pages and may also advertise the companies they represent.