What are the questions that I should ask while shopping for auto insurance?

You are eligible for a wide variety of coverages. Make sure you know what coverages are mandatory and be familiar with any of the optional coverages you might need or want. You can learn more about each of the mandatory no-fault coverages as well as some of the common optional coverages in our publication: Brief Explanation of Michigan No-Fault Insurance. You can also obtain additional information in Your Guide to Automobile Insurance For Michigan Consumers. Be certain to ask for the coverages that meet your specific needs and ask your agent about the difference in cost if you purchase a higher level of coverage than what is mandatory.

Michigan law also allows companies to provide discounts on the cost of coverage. Most people will be eligible for one or more discounts with a company. Although agents and company representatives generally will tell you the discounts for which you are eligible, be certain to ask about them. They can save you money. Refer to pages 10-13 in Your Guide to Automobile Insurance for a listing of possible discounts.

You should also ask about group discounts that might be available. Membership in some associations or groups might qualify you for a discounted group policy.

Be certain to ask for the coverage that meets your specific needs. When you are deciding on what coverages to purchase (such as collision or comprehensive), consider what your vehicle is worth, how much it would cost to replace it, and how much you can afford to spend for insurance.