Credit Union Prohibitions and Removals Issued

The Director of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services has the authority under the Michigan Credit Union Act of 2003 to prohibit or remove a person from further participation in the affairs of a domestic credit union if, in the opinion of the Director, that person has engaged in unsafe or unsound practices or is otherwise unfit to participate in the affairs of the domestic credit union.

Prohibitions Issued Against the following:
Name Effective Case Number
Afutiti, Fuataina 02/23/2017 17-14755
Broadway, Sharon 11/28/2012 12-11642
Delo, Gina 04/13/2010 09-7504
Doctor, Kenneth 03/31/2010 09-7514
Eckhardt, Jeanna 10/30/2013 13-11717
Hayes, Stanley 05/07/2018 18-15107
Lajoice, Michael 04/25/2017 17-14810
Russell, David J. 09/19/2011 11-11251
Thompson, Barbara 08/24/2017 17-14756