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What is meant by "offer or negotiate terms for compensation or gain"?

The SAFE Act Final Rule defines “offers or negotiates terms for compensation or gain” as follows:

“(1)(A) Presents for consideration by a borrower or prospective borrower particular residential mortgage loan terms;
(B) Communicates directly or indirectly with a borrower, or prospective borrower for the purpose of reaching a mutual understanding about prospective residential mortgage loan terms; or
(C) Recommends, refers, or steers a borrower or prospective borrower to a particular lender or set of residential mortgage loan terms, in accordance with a duty to or incentive from any person other than the borrower or prospective borrower, and

(2) Receives or expects to receive payment of money or anything of value in connection with the activities described above or as a result of any residential mortgage loan terms entered into as a result of such activities.”