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Instructions for Attendees to Join the Virtual Town Hall and Ask Questions

Using a Computer:

  1. If you're attending the live event on the web, use a media-source extension(MSE)-enabled web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. *Safari is not currently supported.* Click on the link for the Live event
  2. Downloading the Windows app is optional, and you can click “Watch on the web instead” to view the Live Event in a web browser.
  3. You may sign into a Microsoft account if you have one, or join anonymously
  4. You are now in the Live Event

Using a Mobile Device (Android or iOS):

  1. Download and install the Microsoft Teams app from the Google Play store (Android) or App store (iOS)
  2. Click the event link
  3. Click the link to open the app on your device
  4. You will be prompted to sign in or sign up for an account (optional)
  5. Click back to the page prompting you to open the app on your device to go to the event
  6. You can “Join as a guest” or “Sign in and join” if you have an account linked to Microsoft Teams
  7. Enter your name and select “Join meeting”
  8. You will be prompted to allow the Microsoft Teams app to record audio – Allow or Deny – *Permission is required to join the meeting (although attendees are not able to contribute to the event audibly)* 
  9. You are now in the event

Q&A instructions for attendees

The Q&A tab (speech bubbles with “?” inside) is located in the top right corner near the Meeting Info icon. (lowercase “i” in circle)

You can ask questions at any time, but they will not be visible to other attendees until/unless they have been approved of by the event producer/moderator and published to the “Featured” tab. You may enter your name when asking questions, or ask them anonymously by clicking the “Post as anonymous” box.