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Credit Union Examination Survey

The Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) is pleased to reintroduce its “Credit Union Examination Survey.” The survey is our systematic approach to determine your perception of the examination program work standards and performance goals. Simply said, I’m asking you, “How are we doing?” 

Survey results will help us maintain high standards, point out potential improvements, and perhaps reveal something we have overlooked.  Whatever the outcome, I sincerely solicit your candid, constructive views.  I promise to listen carefully, and react objectively and positively to your input.  DIFS remains committed to continuously improving our examination program to make it as effective, efficient, and least burdensome as possible while meeting our regulatory mandate.  Your input will help ensure that goal is met. So please take a few minutes out of your busy day to provide us with information so integral in that regard.  I also hope the survey process, and our response to your feedback, reinforces DIFS’ desire to maintain strong and open lines of communication with the credit union movement.

While you may submit your survey response anonymously, I appreciate the opportunity to follow up directly with respondents on their constructive comments or concerns.  Although it is not required, the survey will allow you to submit contact information for later follow up. Your submissions will not be shared with examination staff regardless of whether the optional contact information is included.  I encourage you to fill in the appropriate contact information to help ensure my complete understanding of the submission or if you would like to discuss your concerns directly. 

The website survey can be completed in sections and will track your progress.  If you exit the survey at any point and return later, you will be returned where you left off.  However, once the survey is fully completed you will not be allowed to change your responses or submit another survey for one calendar year.  Despite this procedure necessary to maintain data integrity you may contact me directly at any time to discuss your comments or concerns regarding the DIFS regulatory program at 517-284-8821 or by furnishing written correspondence to the Lansing office.

Thank you again for your time and sharing your views.



Denice Schultheiss
Office of Credit Unions
Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services


here to take the survey now.