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Where does my client go to get a Qualified Health Coverage (QHC) letter? What information must be included in this letter?

Health insurers and health plans should develop a document that indicates whether a person’s coverage is QHC for purposes of auto no-fault insurance. Insureds will have to contact their health insurer or health plan to obtain this documentation.

A QHC letter must contain the following:

  1. The full names and dates of birth of all individuals covered under the policy or plan; and
  2. A statement that includes whether the coverage provided constitutes “Qualified Health Coverage” as defined in MCL 500.3107d(7)(b)(i), or that the coverage:
  • Does not exclude coverage for motor vehicle accidents, and
  • Has an annual deductible of $6,000.00 or less per covered individual.

Please see Bulletin 2020-01-INS for more information.