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Why do I need to collect proof of Medicare documentation at every renewal?

Auto insurers, directly or through their producers, should not conclude that an individual meets the criteria for their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical coverage choice without collecting documentation regarding Medicare or, if applicable, Qualified Health Coverage or Medicaid (See Bulletin 2020-33-INS). While many people have Medicare benefits for life, some do not. Reasons somebody may lose Medicare coverage may include failing to pay plan premiums, no longer qualifying due to loss of a qualifying disability, or engaging in Medicare fraud. Selecting $250,000 with exclusions, $50,000 in PIP medical coverage, or the PIP medical opt out (Options 4, 5, and 6) can depend on household members having Medicare Parts A & B. Collecting documentation regarding Medicare at every renewal ensures that an insurer can verify and document eligibility for coverages that require Medicare Parts A & B and ensures your customers have coverage if they are injured in an accident.