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Does Michigan have any state-specific loan disclosures?

Yes.  The Consumer Mortgage Protection Act (CMPA) requires that the special information booklet described in 12 CFR 1024.6, issued under the authority of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (RESPA), Public Law 93-533, be given at the time of application. It is the opinion of the Director that, taken in context, Section 6 of the Act applies to brokers of mortgage loans that are not otherwise lenders.

The Mortgage Lending Practices Act of 1977 requires lenders that have a physical presence in Michigan to make available for public distribution, at the institution's principal office and each branch office or service center, a pamphlet or document explaining in general terms the credit granting institution's criteria for the approval or denial of a loan application.  Rule 445.1004 requires the pamphlet be made available where loan applications or loan inquiries are routinely received by the lender and where the public may obtain a copy without the aid of an employee of the lender. 

The Mortgage Lending Practices Act of 1977 also requires lenders to post a "Notice to Inquirers and Loan Applicants" in a conspicuous place to reasonably apprise a loan inquirer or applicant of his or her rights under this act.  Rule 445.1005 requires the text of the written notice to be printed in 18-pt. or larger font and the heading to be printed in 48-pt. or larger capital letter boldfaced font.