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Where are copies of Michigan-specific disclosures found?

A copy of the special information booklet required under the Consumer Mortgage Protection Act (CMPA) can be obtained from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website under Downloadable Resources.

The Notice to Inquirers and Loan Applicants language may be copied directly from section 5 of the Mortgage Lending Practices Act of 1977, MCL 445.1605.  The notice must contain DIFS' current phone number.  As of 9/29/2010, the telephone number is 877-999-6442.

The pamphlet or document describing the lender's criteria for approval or denial of a loan, required under section 2(10) of the Mortgage Lending Practices Act, MCL 445.1602, must be created by the lender and tailored to fit its criteria.  The pamphlet or other document must prominently state that a person has the right to make a loan inquiry and to file a "written application for a mortgage loan or home improvement loan and to receive a written response to the application.”