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Do I need an insurance license to be a Bail Bondsman?

DIFS does not license Bail Bondsmen.  However, bail bond agents (writers) who provide a bail bond (called a surety bond) through a surety and fidelity insurance company must be licensed as an insurance a producer in Michigan. A producer must also hold an insurance company appointment to act as an agent of the insurance company.

  • To become licensed as a resident producer, an applicant must take and pass one of the following exams: surety and fidelity, limited lines property and casualty, or the full property and casualty exam. The applicant must also apply for a producer license with the matching line of authority.
  • To become licensed as a non-resident producer, the applicant must hold an active license to write surety bonds in their home state.  Michigan uses the State Producer Licensing Database hosted by NIPR for verification of home state licensure.