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How does the State know what credits I have earned?

CE providers (schools) are required to:

  • Report CE credits for you after successful completion of coursework

  • Submit credits electronically to DIFS within 30 days of course completion

  • Pay the $1.00 per credit hour reporting fee when submitting credits to DIFS

You are responsible for:

  • Providing your 7-digit System ID (License) number during registration

  • Successfully completing the coursework

  • Requesting CE credit and paying the $1.00 per credit hour reporting fee at the time of registration or when the course is completed

You are NOT in compliance until all necessary credit hours are posted. Failure to supply correct license information to the CE provider may result in you not receiving credit.

NOTE: Many national designation program providers do not report your hours automatically. Many require a nominal fee to report the hours on your behalf. Check the provider's reporting procedure at the time of registration. It is your responsibility to determine how the provider will collect this fee, report the hours and pay the $1.00 per credit fee.