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How will I know when my 24 CE credits are due?

Your CE review date is determined by the month and year of your birth. Your first CE review date must allow you at least 12 months to complete 24 CE credits after your license is first approved. For example:

Date Examples
Date License Approved Date of Birth 1st CE Review Date
9/6/2017 9/10/1971 9/1/2019
6/22/2017 6/14/1988 6/1/2020
1/13/2018 3/16/1984 3/1/2020
5/9/2018 6/23/1969 6/1/2019
3/24/2019 12/15/1987 12/1/2021
7/16/2019 1/26/1990 1/1/2022


In the last example, the first CE review date is not January 1, 2020 because the new licensee would have less than 12 months to complete CE credits. Therefore, the first review date is January 1, 2022.

Successive Review Dates are every two years thereafter.

Your first CE review date is printed on your license document in the lower left-hand corner. Check the online Insurance Agent Locator to verify your review date.