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What website location contains a synopsis of requirements / instructions for the main types of property / casualty insurance products?

The Product Requirements Locator contains Michigan law requirements and other applicable rate, rule, and policy form regulations for particular types of insurance.

On the Selection page you must choose the general type of coverage for which you want to review requirements (Property and Casualty because there are no Health or Life product requirements in the Locator), then you need to pick the Business Line, The Product Name, The Requirement Category (usually best to pick All because some requirements may be in unusual categories), the type of filing button, and the Jurisdiction.

You must select the All (Rates, Rules, Forms) button in order to see rate and rule requirements. This sub-database also contains policy form requirements. There are no entries for Michigan under the Rates and Rules Only button. You must separately select the Forms Only button in order to see requirements for policy forms only. We have tried to put all requirements we are aware of in the locator, however some portions of our law provide the agency with broad non-specific parameters in which to make decision concerning the acceptability of policy forms and rate classifications.

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