Motz County Park

Motz Park is the first county park in Clinton County and it is fully accessible.

Motz County Park in Clinton County just won the highly competitive Da Vinci Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society for its universal access design throughout the park. Every facility in this park is fully accessible including every picnic table, every walkway, every room in the bathhouse, all water fountains, the fishing pier, etc. The park has annually hosted a youth hunt for youth waterfowl weekend and this year began a partnership with Pheasants Forever where we hosted their youth day including trap shooting, waterfowl hunting class, building wood duck boxes for placement at public venues including Maple River and Muskrat Lake State Game areas and Sleepy Hollow State Park, geocaching and canoeing/kayaking. It is not only adaptive devices that assist the disabled to enjoy the outdoors, it is universal access where all can come and enjoy everything. I encourage you to look at the 3 minute video developed by MSU for the application and for teaching about universal access design and management. It is at