Help for Homeless Veterans

Agency: Military and Veterans Affairs

November 1, 2012

LANSING, MICH.-Homelessness should not be one of the problems facing veterans returning from deployment or older veterans later in their life.  However, statistics show approximately 1 in 10 of the nations homeless population are veterans.  Jason Allen, director of Michigan's Veteran's Affairs Directorate is reaching out to those in need by encouraging veterans to discuss their benefits eligibility with their county Veteran Affairs office or veterans service organization.

"Many Michigan veterans don't realize there are potential grants available through the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund to help families in need.  This funding is specifically set aside to help eligible wartime service veterans.  As director of Veteran's Affairs, I want to ensure eligible veterans learn about and apply for the benefits created by federal and state law.  By contacting a county Veteran's Affairs office or veterans service organization they can receive application assistance for these benefits," said Allen.


Almost every county in the state has a Veteran's Affairs office.  The county counselors and veterans service officers are knowledgeable about the programs available and rules for application.  "There are great services out there for our veterans.  If you are a homeless veteran in need, please pick up the phone and dial our national call center for homeless veterans at 877-424-3838," added Allen.


For more information about county offices please visit the Michigan Veteran's Affairs web site at and follow the link for "County Contacts for Veterans" on the left side of the page. You can find contact information about veterans service officers at the same web site under "Resources for Veterans".