National Guard Membership

What are time requirements for service in the National Guard?


National Guard members are required to attend 48 unit training assemblies (UTAs) and 15 days active duty training during the year. This typically breaks down to one drill weekend a month (4 UTAs per weekend) and a two week Annual Training (AT) period. Drill weekends are normally a Saturday and Sunday but sometimes include a Friday night. The AT period usually takes place during the summer.


If you do not have prior military service, you will also have to attend initial entry (basic) and skill training. This training, which is the same as for active duty military, vary greatly in length depending on your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). Your recruiter can provide you with accurate information based on the available MOSs/AFSCs for units in your area and your qualifications.


As a reserve component of the nation's Armed Forces, members of the National Guard may be called to active duty by the President of the United States in the event of war or other national emergency. In addition, Michigan's governor can call National Guard members in times of natural or man-made disaster or crisis.