US Flag Etiquette

What is the proper way to display the US flag?


On A Flag Pole or Staff


Except when flown at half-staff, always fly the US flag at the top of the flag pole. The US flag should be above or to the viewers left of non-national flags. In a grouping of national flags, the US flag should be to the viewers left; the US flag should not be above the other national flags. On stage, the US flag is displayed on the speaker's right (the audience's left).


Hanging Outside


When hung over a street or on a wall without a flag pole or staff, hang the US flag vertically with the union to the north or east. Over a sidewalk, the union should be farthest from the building.


Hanging Inside


The US flag may be displayed vertically or horizontally. The union (stars) should be at the top to the observer's left.


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